Wyman Interiors

Wyman Interiors’ philosophy emphasizes designing environments that are uniquely tailored to meet the clients' specific goals and vision. We believe in collaborating with clients to create interiors that reflect their personality and lifestyle, while at the same time bringing a wealth of design resources and creativity to every project.

Robin Wyman has always had a passion for beautiful interiors. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she enjoys using elements of style from her home base as well as from her global experiences. She has spent much time traveling around the world appreciating the various cultures, textures and aesthetics along her journeys. During this time, she uncovered her natural talent to combine function and style - to create livable luxury.

Upon graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in business, Robin worked as a marketing director for more than 10 years. As her interest in owning a small business grew, so did her love for creating the perfect space. In 2006, Robin founded Wyman Interiors while she trained under a notable Seattle interior designer and gained valuable hands-on industry experience. Today, with her love of style and design, along with an eye for impeccable detail, she creates personalized living environments that clients are proud to call home.